Halloween Horror Nights - Universal Studios

Campaign Strategy / Film / broadcast

Known as “the nation’s premiere Halloween event,” Universal Orlando Resort’s Halloween Horror Nights puts visitors in the middle of some of the most iconic and terrifyingly intense moments in horror film history. To kick off the annual event, we partnered with the legendary film director Eli Roth — the master of horror behind blockbuster films such as Hostel and Cabin Fever — to create “The Mourning After”, a TV spot which put all the thrill and horror of the event directly into the hands of the horror enthusiasts. Together, Eli Roth and TM recreated scenes from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, the Saw franchise and FX’s American Horror Story to tell an all-around haunting tale. Rich, authentically detailed, and carefully crafted with countless hidden Easter eggs, fans were able to dive right into the heart of the horror, exploring level after level of hidden nods to horror classics, all the while coming closer to their worst nightmares.

“Within” - 2018
Directed by Phillip Van
Featuring - Stranger Things, Halloween IV and Poltergeist

“The Mourning After” - 2017
Directed By Eli Roth
Featuring - Saw, The Shining, and American Horror Story

“Door Number 2” - 2015
Directed by Andreas Roth
Featuring - Freddie, Jason, Jack, Chance, and Ghostface