Knowledge is a Journey - Statoil

Campaign Strategy / film / Design

As concerns continue to grow over Big Oil’s impact on the environment, we saw an opportunity to show the U.S. how much Statoil, a Norwegian oil and gas company, truly cares about the planet and its future. The challenge was simple yet complex — Statoil needed to prove to industry stakeholders in Houston, as well as political influencers in Washington, that it not only sees energy in a different light, it operates differently in order to create a more sustainable source of energy for everyone. To that effect, we chose to execute differently as well. While most oil and gas advertising tends to be complicated and cold, we developed a series of beautifully animated short films that told simple stories about the innovative efforts Statoil is undertaking in order to turn natural resources into responsible energy for people, and progress for society as a whole. Our 360-degree campaign ensured that the right people saw just how differently Statoil sees energy.